Mumbo Gumbo were an all acoustic band formed by Joe Flood and George Breakfast in NYC in 1987. The first line up was the two of them with
the extraordinary Chikara Tsuzuki, who spent that summer in New York, on harmonica and Douglas Ley on bass. They played on the street and in local
bars and appeared in that years Marlboro Country Round Up. Chikara returned to Europe that autumn, and the lovely and uber talented
Rachelle Garniez was recruited. For a few months the bass giant Steve Logan joined them, but when the international stage reclaimed him, he was replaced
by Mark Ettinger. The line up was now complete!

Joe played guitar or fiddle, George played mandolin or guitar, Rachelle played accordion, Mark played upright bass, and they all sang.
Between, Joe, George and Rachelle they had an abundance of original material, but were also happy to provide fresh versions of swing, folk, blues or country
songs, usually with stunning harmony singing. In late 1988 they secured the Sunday night spot at the Rodeo Bar. For the next two and a half years, they were
there every week, performing for an increasingly enthusiastic crowd. They developed the habit of making their second set a much more open ended affair,
inviting friends and illustrious guests up to join them on stage. Some weeks, very famous names came by to check them out, and sometimes join in. At other
times they would invite local friends to come up and join them, some of whom became renowned themselves in later years. They were heady times, and loyal
fans came back week after week.

Sometime in 1989, they decided to record a live album. They saved the money from a couple of gigs, rehearsed in some detail a set of songs, went into
East Side Studios in downtown Manhattan, and recorded some 20 songs direct to DAT. No overdubs, no mixing...wham bam! They chose 10 tracks and
released them as a cassette album. 23 years on, the album was remastered by Mark Dann and all 20 tracks are now available here.

In the next 2 years, with the help of Frank Newlin, they also put out 2 singles on Diesel Only Records. The 1st featured Joe's song 'Miss Fabulous' and 'All Along',
a song of George's. By the time they recorded the 2nd, Mark had been replaced by the extraordinary Andres Villamil on bass. This single featured Joe's
'Good Morning Mr Afternoon', and George's 'Summertime Love'. Joe's 2 songs are included on the Diesel Only compilation Rig Rock Juke Box.