Brief Musical Biography

1967 1st public performances in Cambridge UK pubs
1968 1st band, Smokey, formed with Richard Chipperfield Jones

1971 co-founded Rocksoff
1974 began busking in London then Paris

1975-76 more busking in various European countries
1977 started playing with double bass supremo Richard Lee
1980 moved back to Paris and joined the Big Red One with Tina Provenzano
also worked with the Lost and Wandering Blues & Jazz Band
1981 formed the Flying Kippers with Doug Ley and Chikara Tsuzuki
1982 moved to New York
1983 played gtr with the 9th St Stompers, and formed the Fabulous Mellowtones
1984 formed the Corn Flakes with Joe Flood, Steve 'Homeboy' Antonakos and Neil Thomas
also played bass in the World Famous Blue Jays with Jay Godfrey and Jeremy Tepper
1985 formed Mumbo Gumbo with Joe Flood, Rachelle Garniez and Mark Ettinger
1986 formed The Dogs with Joe Flood, Kevin Trainor, Jono Manson, Neil Thomas and Howie Wyeth
1987-88 released 2 singles with Mumbo Gumbo on Diesel Only Records
1989 released the original cassette only Mumbo Gumbo album, now digitally available here
1990 recorded and release The Dogs album 'World Eat World'
1991 moved back to the UK

1992 recorded and released The Bumpy Road to Love
1993 2 songs covered by Jono Manson on his album One Horse Town
1994 won competition to write theme song for National Music Day
1995 recorded and released 'Contrary & Western'
1998 recorded and released Keep The Whole Thing Going
also a song covered by Jono Manson on his album Little Big Man
2000 recorded and released the children's album the frog and the fly
also recorded and released 'Anvilhead'
2001 formed The Whateverly Brothers with Jono Manson and recorded and released 'Global Toast'
also 5 songs covered by Jono Manson on his album Under The Stone
2004 song covered by Michele Welborn on her Dont Call Her After Midnight CD
2005 recorded and released Bottled Smoke
2006 song covered by Jaime Michaels on his CD Once Or Twice Upon A Time
also 2 songs covered by Jono Manson on his album Summertime
2008 as the Whateverly Brothers with Jono Manson recorded and released Keep 'Em Coming
2009 3 songs covered by Jono Manson on his album November
2011 released lo fi CD
also song covered by Jaime Michaels on his CD the man with the time machine
also 2 songs on John Popper & the Duskray Troubadours CD
2013 release of Love Will Get The Better Of You


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