George sings and plays acoustic guitar, mandolin or electric bass, and has written some of the most enduring songs of the last 40 years. Yet outside of a few small music circles, he remains unheard of. George was asked recently why he thought he wasn't better known. When people hear his singing and the quality of his songs they cant help but ask themselves the same question. After some thought George finds he must take the blame.

Strategies to advance his career always baffled him, and were mostly put to one side as he concentrated on learning to sing and play his instruments more effectively, and write better songs. He has travelled a lot and lived in a number of wildly different places. He went from 70s London, to the streets of Paris, to a small town on the coast of Spain, to New York City, to a small corner of Devon, to Copenhagen, to the university town of Cambridge. Wherever he was, he always found places to perform, but remained a local phenomenon. Each place was delighted to have him and in each case he soon found venues he could play in regularly. So he'd stay…..and work on writing better songs! A friend once dubbed him a 'one way tourist'.

Since leaving boarding school at 17, he has sung and played in pubs and clubs, festivals and concert halls, on radio and TV, and on street corners, in most European countries and the East Coast of the USA. He has recorded a number of albums, and artists on both sides of the Atlantic have covered his songs.

He is finally making a sustained effort to find a wider audience. His children have grown up and he is free to go on the road whenever he is offered work. When he does tour he loves it and audiences warm quickly to his performances.

"There's a raspy Americana edge to his voice, and a gospel-inflected strut to his songs..." Hyperbolium
"...vocals that layer soul onto the tunes like honey dripping off a biscuit." The Alternate Root
"....has an authenticity that few artists can match." Adobe and Teardrops

If you get an opportunity to hear him, take it. You'll be glad you did.

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