January 06 2015
this month's FREE DOWNLOAD of I Like People can be got here!

also, you can download you above all things music for the Stations of the Cross devotion, traditionally observed on Fridays in Lent



here is a video of my August digital single, I'm Your Man

here is a video of my new May single, Easily Led

some recent live videos here

here is a video of my 1st digital single, Maybe

heres a video of Jono Manson & the Bootleg Prophets featuring John Popper performing my song 'The Forest Song',

videos of 'Cup Of Tea' and 'Guardian Angel' with Ralph Carney and the Corn Flakes,

and a video of 'Wont You Be My Valentine' with the Corn Flakes and special guest Cath Coombs



love & peace