Whateverly Brothers

The dynamic duo of Jono Manson and yours truly. We have written a bunch of songs together, recorded 2 albums,
Global Toast
and Keep 'Em Coming.

The 2nd, as a bonus, includes the entire 1st album! You can get it here. Jono lives in Santa Fe NM and I
live in Cambridge UK so we do not play together as often as we might like, but we manage a few shows at least once a year. Watch this space....


Shelly Gardeners

Named after my previous address in Cambridge, where we did most of our recording, the Shelly Gardeners represents the fruit so far of my ongoing
collaboration with the one and only Neil Thomas. With the help of my old friend Richard Lee on upright bass and engineering, we have recorded a couple
of albums of mine and Neil's songs, The Shelly Gardeners

and Shelly Gardening.

Both of these will be available soon online...

Again, when he is not on tour, Neil divides his time between New Orleans & NYC, so we are often thousands of miles apart
but we nonetheless conspire to perform together whenever possible, so we usually do some gigs together each year....