I have been writing songs since my late teens, but by my estimation the bulk of the songs worth singing were written after 1982 when I first went to New York.
As far as I know, the following artists have performed and/or recorded songs I have written...
Jono Manson
Neil Thomas
Homeboy Steve Antonakos
John Popper
George Kilby Jr
The Dirty Water Dogs
The Blue Chieftains
Joe Flood
Tim Carroll
Rachelle Garniez
Andres Vilamil
Jerry Dugger
Joan Osborne
The Worms
Michele Welborn
Mark Horn
The World Famous Bluejays
Mr Thing & The Professional Human Beings
Mark Ettinger
Rob Brace
Hero's Welcome
Cath Coombs

I continue to write songs, and am always up for collaborating! Also if you are looking for material, please get in touch...